Keeping K-12 students safe, secure, and ready to learn

We empower school leaders with real-time information and the response tools required to save students' lives.

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Students engage, thrive, and reach their highest potential when their school has a climate of safety and wellness.

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A market leader in K-12 safety and wellness

Our Securly On-Call team has documented more than 2000 student lives saved through the use of Securly technology.


schools served

20 million+

students supported

10 billion+

activities analyzed

Securly is one of the most widely used edtech tools in the U.S. Source: The EdTech Top 40 (2022-23 School Year), LearnPlatform by Instructure

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Dedicated to identifying at-risk students
Dedicated to identifying at-risk students
Committed to student data privacy
Committed to student data privacy
Experienced implementation and support
Experienced implementation and support
Tailored solutions for every school and district
Tailored solutions for every school and district

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