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Thanks for visiting our website! Han's Yueming Laser Tech Co., Ltd. is a professional industrial laser equipment manufacturer, located in China. We specialize in developing and manufacturing many types of laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, and laser marking machine. Due to the high quality and reliable performance of our products, they are widely used in electronics, hardware, model making, clothing, shoemaking, advertising, printing and packaging, toy manufacturing, and more.

As an ISO9001:2000 certified industrial laser engraving cutting machinery manufacturer, we are committed to providing high quality, reliable performance laser engravers and laser cutting machines to our customers all over the globe. To achieve this goal, we thoroughly inspect all incoming raw materials and only those which are passing are put into production. We use the most advanced production equipment available, including CO2 lasers, CNC grinding machines, scanning mirrors, a variable frequency AC stabilized-voltage power emulator, and focusing systems. Last but not least, we use a thermostatic measuring chamber, 3-D measuring apparatus, laser dynamometer, digital electric bridge, and more advanced equipment to inspect the quality and performance of our industrial laser equipment at each production step, so as to ensure the quality of our laser cutting machines, laser engraving machines, laser marking machines, automatic computer bender machine, YW-300Bs, etc.

As a result of our quality control measures, our laser heat-treating machines, laser-beam drilling machines, laser engraving machines, laser marking machines, etc., are all CE certified. Their high precision, low energy consumption, automatic processing, and little environmental pollution, combine to give our products an important role in more and more industries.

Our prime location gives us many opportunities to reduce our production costs, and thus, our prices. We are headquartered in Dungun, in Guangdong province, where we have easy access to the most advanced technology and production equipment, outstanding talent, and many forms of transportation, enabling us to provide high quality laser equipment at economical prices.

To better serve our customers, we have established a training center to provide instruction in the proficient use of our industrial laser equipment. The center also helps clients to find the most suitable laser equipment, according to their needs. In addition, we provide a one year warranty on all of our laser cutting machines, laser engraving machines, laser marking machines, etc.

The reliable quality, competitive prices, and customer service we provide has made our laser engraving cutting machine, laser cutting equipment, automatic computer machete equipment, and other products extremely popular in America, Japan, Canada, Germany, Brazil, India, and other parts of the world.

For more detailed information about our industrial laser equipment, please feel free to contact us! We welcome your inquiries, and look forward to working with you.

Popular Product
    1. Laser Marking Machine, MF20-E
    2. Laser Marking Machine, MF20-E The fibre laser marking machine has powerful control system, capable of conducting multiple data optimization. It supports one-touch conversion among multiple languages. The laser marking machine can manage layer in 256 colours, fully meeting the processing demand for most industries.
    1. Laser Cutting Machine, CMA1610FET-C
    2. Laser Cutting Machine, CMA1610FET-CThe steel frame structure for the automatic laser cutting machine ensures the standard mounting surface of the moving system, as well as the sturdy and steady lathe bed. The velocity of movement is 2-3 times the speed of the metal plate laser cutter.
    1. Laser Cutting Machine, CMA1390C
    2. Laser Cutting Machine, CMA1390CThe CMA1390C laser cutting machine is the updated version of the ordinary product. Employing modular design and steel frame structure, the laser cutter is quite stable during operation. Besides, the humanized design, as well as the offline EM controller, brings you convenient working experience.
    1. Laser Engraving Machine, CMA-6040K 1080K CMA1390K
    2. Laser Engraving Machine, CMA-6040K 1080K CMA1390KOur laser engraving machine is suitable for non-metallic materials such as rubber, plastic, organic glass, leather, tile, crystal, jade, bamboo products, woodworks, and paper. This kind of laser engraver can also be applied to the fields of packaging, leather, printing, advertising, decoration craftwork, and more.
    1. Laser Cutting Machine, CMA1325C-G-A
    2. Laser Cutting Machine, CMA1325C-G-AThe linear guide rail and the screw rod feature high rigidity, large transmission torque, and free vibration. The accuracy is five times that of the non-metal cutting machine with belt transmission system.
Laser Cutting Machine Years of experience enables us to provide a wide range of products, such as automatic feeding laser cutting machine, LED protective special laser cutting machine ...
Laser Engraving Machine Our laser engraving machine comes in several models for you to choose from. Featuring computer typesetting, laser engraving, high automation, fast engraving speed ...
Laser Marking Machine Our laser marking machine is widely used to engrave metal or various nonmetal materials in industries like medicine packaging, architectural ceramics ...

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